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Akwaaba - Welcome

Rev. Dr. Charles Mills, Pastor, Leader, Teacher and Visionary

Akwaaba, which in the Twi language means Welcome. I want to welcome you to my web site and pray that you will be blessed by what you see and read here.  God is doing many great things in Ghana and I am blessed that He is at work in my ministry here in Ghana.  I live on the outskirts of Accra, Ghana, which is in West Africa, and minister to the men, women and especially the children of the many villages near my home. I have a big heart to see the needs of the people and especially the children filled.  There is great poverty in these villages, but through God's Mercy and Love hope is being brought to these people. 

Reverend Mills with friends.

I hope you will be blessed by visiting this website and will return often.  It will be updated regularly to show all that God is accomplishing here in Ghana.  Right now it is a work in progress as the many aspects of our ministry here in Ghana is presented to you. I will be sharing with you a lot of what God is doing in the lives of the people of Ghana. I am blessed that you have visited my web site and so I pray a blessing upon you.


Photo from a visit to the United States in 2009. Second from the left is Pastor Mills daughter Thelma and second from the right is Pastor Mills.


Pastor Mills was instrumental in working with Cornerstone International Ministries, Cleveland, Georgia, USA in providing much needed hospital equipment to some hospitals in Accra, Ghana.


   This ministry operates on the donations from people like you who are interested in seeing lives changed through the gospel of Jesus Christ.  You may contact me by mail or email.

Below is some beautiful kente fabric which is a prominent material used in Ghanaian clothing.